Just Charmed Store products are intended for sale to consumers for personal, family, and household use only. Products are not intended for commercial resale by our customers. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
No Dealers, please.

Customer agrees and represents that they are buying any service/product from Just Charmed Store solely for customer's own internal use, and not for resale in any manner, public or private -including, but not limited to eBay sellers/eBay stores, artists using our products to make items for resale or similar.

Customers who purchase any of our products represent that they are doing so for their own personal or internal use only and not for resale. You may not use our name or trademarks in any fashion or resale or reproduce our product in any way without express written permission from Just Charmed Store.
Failure to do so could result in civil or criminal liability and the violation of patent, copyright or trademark laws.
If you intend to resale any of our products you will need to contact our marketing executive.
Just Charmed Store reserves the right to modify or discontinue products at any time.